Steaz Iced Tea Can Green Blueberry Pomegranate Gluten Free 16-ounces


What Are The Advantages of Alcohol-Free Drinks?

They are quite obvious. You don’t get drunk, you can drive safely after it, the beverages will not contadict with health issues and will not affect an unborn child if a pregnant woman drinks them. Besides, if one takes wine, it will complete a delicious dinner: red non-alcoholic wine will pair perfectly with red meat, and white wine - with white meat. However, it all depends on your preferences, so if you decide to mix the tastes in different combination - it’s all up to you.

You can order online and we’ll send the beverages to you. Or, you can visit our shops (addresses mentioned in the Contact section). Please be sure the bottles will be delievered safety just to your home.
Apart from all that, on this website you can find a set of best recipies containing of non-alcoholic ingredients.

Whichever the reason of your not drinking is - it should be respected. Each of us have had at least once a non-drinking time period (and many of us are having it now): either we have a car parked close, or because of some medical issues - we need to drink something non-alcoholic. When you need the taste of wine or beer, alcoholic-free beverages come into play.

Who Can Drink Alcohol-Free Beverages?

  1. sportsmen
  2. drivers
  3. pregnant women

Buy non alcoholic beverages online with Non-Alcoholic Drinks Store, and enjoy the health and cost benefits today! All non alcoholic drinks for sale on our website have been hand selected from premium local and international brands based on their quality ingredients, delicious taste and, where applicable, their similarity to the ‘real thing’. And yes; our beverages are perfect for any celebration or occasion, so we cater for weddings, parties and corporate functions too.

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